OpenID provider configuration request

OpenID Connect providers publish a JSON document listing their endpoints, supported token encryption algorithms and other useful information for developers to configure their clients (relying parties).

This OpenID provider metadata is made available at a well-known URL which can be derived from the URL identifying the token issuing authority.

For example, if the OpenID provider (issuer) URL is

then its metadata will be made available at

Example request to obtain an OpenID provider's metadata:

import com.nimbusds.openid.connect.sdk.op.*;

// The OpenID provider issuer URL
Issuer issuer = new Issuer("");

// Will resolve the OpenID provider metadata automatically
OIDCProviderMetadata opMetadata = OIDCProviderMetadata.resolve(issuer);

// Print the metadata

With HTTP connect and read timeouts:

int httpConnectTimeout = 1000; // milliseconds
int httpReadTimeout = 1000; // milliseconds
OIDCProviderMetadata opMetadata = OIDCProviderMetadata.resolve(